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From the 26th to 28th of November 2014, the International School of Rural and Nature Tourism - ENTURNA, created by the Council of Granada, will celebrate the International Conference on Rural and Nature Tourism, entitled 'New challenges of rural tourism'. The event will be held in Granada and Guadix, where the school is located.

Tourism has been considered an alternative for development that would help alleviate the deterioration and depopulation of rural areas, allowing them to preserve their traditional values. This is partially correct. Nevertheless, the ability of unpredictable influence of tourism in all social and economic aspects has caused in certain cases a situations of unsustainable business initiatives and perverse effects in the environmental, cultural and social fields in general.

However, leaving aside these considerations, there is no doubt that tourism still is an important factor in the development of communities. It is therefore very important to study both, the processes and mechanisms of tourism planning and the management of products and destinations.

This conference will address all these issues from different perspectives, since it is precisely the lack of a holistic view one of the main reasons why the diagnoses and tourism policies that have been implemented sometimes have not given the desired results. Thus, special attention will be put on sustainability in interior spaces, the role of public and private management, how training can influence, condition and boost rural development processes and how this relates to the quality and the efficiency for the end product. The important role that innovation and application of new technologies can play in these processes and the marketing of products and destinations will also be addressed.

I am convinced of the appropriateness of Granada to host this conference. The city has the best conditions in terms of attractions and facilities for an event of this entity; and the province provides a crucible of landscapes and rural tourism offers of the highest quality and uniqueness: the magic mountain villages of La Alpujarra or El Marquesado, the semi-desert landscapes of the Zona Norte with its picturesque cave houses and the historical legacy of the 'Poniente Granadino', that synthesizes perfectly the Andalusian countryside in what has been the last frontier of Al-Andalus.

Sebastián Pérez Ortiz
President of the Council of Granada.



December 9th, 2014
You can now download your certificates of attendance, abstract and collaboration through your personal area

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